Today was different. I hung the laundry out, and the sun heated up my face, the wind kissed my skin and I was just so happy to be alive. I wasn’t at a party, I wasn’t hanging off of a cliff, but i felt a thrill, and I was grateful for moments like these. Sometimes we just need to connect with other things to remember that we are flesh and blood and not nuts and bolts. Technology and all this plastic junk that confines us and constantly holds our attention, can really blur the lines causing us to forget that we ourselves are not machines. We need air. We need to feel the soil beneath our feet and we need to feel the water roll down our backs. We have to take the time to run our fingers through our hair and just be human. We are not merely an extension of our laptops and our cellphones or mp3s. We are the purpose. Connecting and communicating have evolved, but that doesn’t mean the traditional ways are invalid. Amidst us always finding new ways to do these basic things, we should never forget the reason why we want to preserve connection and carry it on with us in every way. Remind yourself to connect, in the old way as much as the new.



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