Regarding this whole Trinidad issue…

I hate to say this, but I told you so…and I saw this coming from a mile away. Trinidad may or may not have bitter blood boiling for us over there for some reason, but one thing they also have over us as a nation it seems, is common sense.

My goodness. When is the last time you’ve seen a package of st Mary’s banana chips along the shopping aisles? Saldanza crept up on us in our supermarkets and little wholesales like a virus! And just like the naive souls we are, we gobbled it all up and tossed aside our wonderful homemade products. I watched those chips grow and spread across these supermarket shelves like a plague, as poor st Mary’s chips just withered away and disappeared under the ‘Saldanza Regime’ .Now when Trinidad finally starts showing their true feelings, that’s when the light bulb goes off in our heads, that maybe they don’t respect us because we make such silly decisions that it seems we don’t respect ourselves.

Mind you, I’m not simply basing this whole argument on Saldanza chips governing our grocery stores now, and bullying our own products from our grocery lists but I’m just saying, why do we keep allowing history to repeat itself? It seems no one wants us in their home, but yet everyone wants to invade us, take what they can, and leave us as empty and dry as possible. The sad truth is, that when they’re done nourishing their own nations off of us, we are the ones who go running after these places for ‘help’ asking to ‘borrow back’ what we GAVE to them. Does this ‘trade off’ sound sensible to you?