Yes Beyoncé Yes!


Video still from Beyonce’s ‘Yonce’ video.December 14, 2013.

For every Beyoncé lover who might have been frustrated by her seemingly absentee single and album release, on Friday, December  13, 2013, relief was received.

The 14 track and 17 video visual album was put up on  iTunes and was a midnight surprise for both her fans and the music world. Within a matter of hours the album which had not been previously announced or marketed, was number one in over 80 countries, and if you should take a look at this production, you will instantly see why. It was well crafted from beginning to end. Quality,quality, quality!

Apart from stunning visuals, the 32 year old artiste seasoned the delicacy with a rather sensual and mature dose of content; a different side of her, that until now had not received much exposure. From raunchy details of getting hot and heavy in a car with her husband, to having bouts of jealousy, Beyoncé has written and produced a sort of “musical tell all” that is a joy to watch and listen to.

The album features collaborations with artistes, Frank Ocean and Drake, while appearances in a few of the videos on the album were made by her sister Solange Knowles, producer and artiste Pharrell Williams, and past Destiny’s Child members, Kelly and Michelle.

I won’t give a review of the album track by track, but I will simply say that it was beautiful. I was able to see the vision she had behind every song she wrote and I do welcome this mature fearless dimension of her. If I could predict anything correctly, I would say this album should be gaining Beyoncé many awards later on in 2014.

Here’s the link to the album on iTunes :