Live & Love While You Can

Life is short, but we’ve all heard that before. Yet it doesn’t stop us from wasting our limited time here, fighting over every little thing and using our hearts to harbor hate instead of love. Why? Why fill our days with potential regrets and anger charged memories when we have the option to do the opposite ? We could be helping each other up instead of tearing each other down, and we could be expressing our care and love for one another, instead of holding bitter grudges and plotting severe punishments. The time we spend on aimless mind games, we could spend it building, creating and improving our world. I’m not saying we should walk around and hug trees and make Bon fires (though that wouldn’t hurt). I’m just saying, if at the end of all of this we want to feel proud about our days spent on this earth, then we’re going to have to try being a lot less bitter and start doing a lot better.



Going Back to the Centre

I do believe there is a tiny voice that exists within all of us, and it is a voice which gets smothered and squished out of it’s place of purpose from time to time. Whether you want to refer to this ‘voice’ as a ‘conscience’ or an ‘inner self’ the fact remains, that it exists, and as the days, months, and years go by, it keeps getting drowned out by the sound.What sound you may ask? The sound of, other voices; people, and their wants, their needs, their desires, their beliefs, their messages, it all comes together in one loud confusing and constant hum called ‘society’ and it hovers over the frequency with which our own ‘inner voices’ speak to us. So we never really get to hear ourselves saying ‘no.’ All we hear is the world, barking orders at us in all the many creative and devious ways possible.

Mind you, I may have come to this realization, but it doesn’t mean I have found a solution (not yet). However, I do believe I may have found something (knowledge that this is happening) that is key to empowering me to actually ‘finding my voice’ again. Actually waking up to the fact that there is something within that is worth tuning into, is a pretty big deal and I’m sure it’s instrumental in knowing what direction to go. We live in a world where we’re all supposedly connected to each other  by technology no matter the distance, but ironically, we’re hardly connected with ourselves. So how can we even make meaningful deep connections with others when it is lacking from within or in other words, we can’t even connect with ourselves?

All I’m saying is, I’m on a mission. I’m on a task to draw a map that leads back to myself. That person inside who is confident and directed by her own faith, aspirations, dreams and is pure, I want to get back to. There are too many people in my head, and too many people and expectations that I have decided to live for and honor, completely neglecting the aspirations and expectations of my own self. I’m going back to the centre guys, and I really wouldn’t mind it if you took that journey with me.Listen out, be alert and follow your voice. You may be surprised where it leads you.


Misplaced Focus, Misguided Attentions.

This isn’t where I usually put down my feelings about the more personal matters concerning my life, but I needed to put this some place, where it would serve as more than visual satisfaction for myself. I felt this was a message worth sharing and after realizing that, I just couldn’t keep quiet. As youths, we tend to have a very scattered kind of focus. We’re at that age where everything in the world seems to glisten and glitter, so much so that even the dirtiest slimiest thing, appears to be gold. Though, we all know the age old saying which accompanies that illusion, still, we fall for the same traps constantly, swiping and grabbing after these illusive ‘treasures’ that elude us the closer we seem to get to them. So what is my message?

I’m saying, there are many attractive things in this world that will catch our eyes from time to time, and in youth, our desires tend to overpower our better judgment in the moment, making every ‘want’ feel right; but we need not fool ourselves. Keep your eyes on the prize. If there is a goal you have, a dream, like being a singer, a writer, philosopher, doctor, go for it. Focus, aim, and fire. It seems like in our youth we have all the time and room in the world for trial and error, but truth be told, in life, only a few mistakes (if any) are pardoned, but there are some which we will continue to pay the price for, for the duration of our lives. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked washed away and trapped into a cycle of endless regrets. The distractions that glitter, they pull us, but they often pull us off of the road to our goal. Time, whether you are young, or you are old, waits for no one. So, i urge everyone who may come across this, to remember your priorities and if you don’t have any to remember, then remember to get some, and constantly keep them in view. Don’t cause yourselves unnecessary pain by deviating from your real goals. Its too much hard work to catch up, or to try and start over again. It’s even worse for those of us, who don’t even have the motivation to go on. So just focus. Keep your sights right in front of you. Looking back, may just turn you into a pillar of salty tears, and trust me…you don’t want that.

Come on UTech (Rant)


Photo of: Internet sensation ‘Rosie’ who rose to fame after her passionate rant regarding the loss of household items during a flood early 2013

It is way too early for me to be having such a huge pile of complaints concerning UTech but unfortunately, I do. I won’t outline every single one of them, because if I should, this post would have chapters, and in the words of Sweet Brown..’Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat’. So, I’ll just get a few things out there


I find that as an institution that prides itself on having ‘University’ status, it seems UTech is quite content with running at a mediocre level and at an annoyingly sluggish pace. I would like to think, that as a University too, (one of technology at that), that innovation and progress would be the order of the day, but boy am I off track in thinking that. There is literally no motivation or inspiration anywhere; neither in the students nor in the stuffy offices of each department. Everyone seems to be operating on auto-pilot and when it is time to get things done, instead of automatically kicking it up a notch, everyone shuts down. You seriously cannot want to gain notoriety for being one of the island’s most prominent tertiary institutions with that attitude floating around the school. And it bugs me how this school as the University of Technology cannot even arm itself with ‘good enough’ technology to even keep track of simple transactions and records. I mean, aren’t you supposed to be the birthplace of Jamaica’s new and forward thinking? Our technological and economical growth? Isn’t this where WE the student’s are supposed to be taught to effectively and efficiently handle the world ahead of us while thinking up new ways to make our surroundings even better for the future? And yet, you guys can’t even get your accounts department together. How ironic and sad. Disappointing for someone like myself who, despite being a bit of a pessimist, had higher expectations for the place. SIGH!!!

Answer The Damn Phone!

Is a lesson being taught here? Is the University trying to teach me some sort of massive life lesson? Because if so, then lesson learnt. Apparently, institutions with phones, don’t answer them when you call so, keep all queries and issues to yourself until you can take two buses and a taxi to speak to someone in person! No. I refuse to simply swallow that. It shouldn’t be and it is really embarrassing that this seems to be the case at my school. Why is it that when I am told to press a button to speak to someone directly, I have to wait until the return of Christ to be attended to? Does no one understand the reaction you should have to a ringing phone? I feel like every time I call everyone in the offices are sitting around chattering about some TV program and laughing at trivial matters rather than actually attending to me or..well.. just answering the damn phone. That’s all it takes..All you have to do.. is Answer the phone

Communication is Key.

I find that there are always discrepancies somewhere among the many memos sent out by the University. Especially in regards to dates and so on. Not only that, but where there isn’t mismatching information present, there is a huge lack of information, where it should be. What do I mean? I mean, the communication is ineffective and sloppy. Critical details for things are often missed out and we are often told beginning and end of things but never the middle. I’m just asking for clear, concise accurate  information regarding important matters such as fee payment, examination results, cards and times etc, to be available for students across the board. And for the love of me, if something is effective on the 5th of August, …don’t send out the memo at 12pm on the 4th of August.. it’s inconvenient, inconsiderate and downright silly.

And now… a disclaimer. 

I know my words may be biting, hard hitting and a little bitter to swallow. However, I only think it is fair that after paying such a high tuition and being only rewarded with stress, disappointments and frustration, that it is indeed my right to express my true feelings on the operation of this institution. Matter of fact, I’d like to imagine Rosie would say: ‘A nuh nuh tutty gran tuition. Call di contracta!’ Or in this case..’Call di Dean.’ ..If anyone will pick up.  Basically I’m saying that as a student, I do have a say in the way things are done, so… here it is. Let’s just hope things get better here, and progress is made. Since..that’s what I came for. Don’t let me down any more than you already have okay school? Okay.

Photo source:Rosie’s call di contracta floods out sumfest 2013. .27 July 2013.

‘NCU Freezes Tuition Fees for Students in Upcoming School Year.’ -What About UTech?


Read article here:

I..(and i do believe i speak for other students when I say this) would GREATLY appreciate if this was done on our behalf by UTech. I constantly question why we are always told that ‘education is the key’ and yet the price to even get an education is so ridiculously high. As an institution that boasts that it is ‘for the people’ It would only be doing a great job of actually living up to it’s own self proclaimed standards and motto, if it actually did something..’for the people’.

The cost of everything is already sky high, and right now, for a great majority of us, obtaining an education seems to be our only hope to even be able to acquire a job that would help us even live ‘hand to mouth’. So therefore, rather than constantly increase fees and dangle our education so hopelessly far above our heads every semester, freezing the tuition would be…a marvelously beneficial move, both to us as students, the institution itself and by extension in the long run, our entire economy.

      So can it be done? Perhaps it can. But for a move to be made, we need to take initiative. Here is where the voice of the student’s come into play. Let’s try and come together and make this happen. This > Is a link to the article, status and comments posted on the student Union’s page regarding the issue. If this is something you are passionate about as a student/past student of UTech. , or even as a Jamaican, voice your opinions and express your views here under the comments. Let’s get this Student Union working, and let’s get this thing on the road.

Literacy is Dead


Striking isn’t it? One might go as far as saying that the title of this post is rubbish. However when you consider the facts, you realize that the title of this post, is not far off from the truth. With the dawn of the internet came the birth of social media, connecting the world in ways one would never imagine possible. Facebook, is a prime example of how one could connect and keep up with family and friends from all over the world and instantly send and receive updates on each other. However, social media had it’s rules. Now in a world where one is expected to express themselves in 130 characters or less, it is only inevitable that common face to face interaction and conversations, will become strange. With things like Instagram and vine, words are quickly becoming outdated. With the constant updates in technology, the face of communication has shifted from letters, words, and numbers, to revealing pictures, likes and pokes. Unless in the next 10 years they will be teaching classes on how to effectively press the like button on a hot girl’s photo, and having lessons on how to ‘subtweet’ persons, we will no longer have a need for teaching our children how to break up words into syllables and structure paragraphs.