Live & Love While You Can

Life is short, but we’ve all heard that before. Yet it doesn’t stop us from wasting our limited time here, fighting over every little thing and using our hearts to harbor hate instead of love. Why? Why fill our days with potential regrets and anger charged memories when we have the option to do the opposite ? We could be helping each other up instead of tearing each other down, and we could be expressing our care and love for one another, instead of holding bitter grudges and plotting severe punishments. The time we spend on aimless mind games, we could spend it building, creating and improving our world. I’m not saying we should walk around and hug trees and make Bon fires (though that wouldn’t hurt). I’m just saying, if at the end of all of this we want to feel proud about our days spent on this earth, then we’re going to have to try being a lot less bitter and start doing a lot better.



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