Misplaced Focus, Misguided Attentions.

This isn’t where I usually put down my feelings about the more personal matters concerning my life, but I needed to put this some place, where it would serve as more than visual satisfaction for myself. I felt this was a message worth sharing and after realizing that, I just couldn’t keep quiet. As youths, we tend to have a very scattered kind of focus. We’re at that age where everything in the world seems to glisten and glitter, so much so that even the dirtiest slimiest thing, appears to be gold. Though, we all know the age old saying which accompanies that illusion, still, we fall for the same traps constantly, swiping and grabbing after these illusive ‘treasures’ that elude us the closer we seem to get to them. So what is my message?

I’m saying, there are many attractive things in this world that will catch our eyes from time to time, and in youth, our desires tend to overpower our better judgment in the moment, making every ‘want’ feel right; but we need not fool ourselves. Keep your eyes on the prize. If there is a goal you have, a dream, like being a singer, a writer, philosopher, doctor, go for it. Focus, aim, and fire. It seems like in our youth we have all the time and room in the world for trial and error, but truth be told, in life, only a few mistakes (if any) are pardoned, but there are some which we will continue to pay the price for, for the duration of our lives. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked washed away and trapped into a cycle of endless regrets. The distractions that glitter, they pull us, but they often pull us off of the road to our goal. Time, whether you are young, or you are old, waits for no one. So, i urge everyone who may come across this, to remember your priorities and if you don’t have any to remember, then remember to get some, and constantly keep them in view. Don’t cause yourselves unnecessary pain by deviating from your real goals. Its too much hard work to catch up, or to try and start over again. It’s even worse for those of us, who don’t even have the motivation to go on. So just focus. Keep your sights right in front of you. Looking back, may just turn you into a pillar of salty tears, and trust me…you don’t want that.


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