Going Back to the Centre

I do believe there is a tiny voice that exists within all of us, and it is a voice which gets smothered and squished out of it’s place of purpose from time to time. Whether you want to refer to this ‘voice’ as a ‘conscience’ or an ‘inner self’ the fact remains, that it exists, and as the days, months, and years go by, it keeps getting drowned out by the sound.What sound you may ask? The sound of, other voices; people, and their wants, their needs, their desires, their beliefs, their messages, it all comes together in one loud confusing and constant hum called ‘society’ and it hovers over the frequency with which our own ‘inner voices’ speak to us. So we never really get to hear ourselves saying ‘no.’ All we hear is the world, barking orders at us in all the many creative and devious ways possible.

Mind you, I may have come to this realization, but it doesn’t mean I have found a solution (not yet). However, I do believe I may have found something (knowledge that this is happening) that is key to empowering me to actually ‘finding my voice’ again. Actually waking up to the fact that there is something within that is worth tuning into, is a pretty big deal and I’m sure it’s instrumental in knowing what direction to go. We live in a world where we’re all supposedly connected to each other  by technology no matter the distance, but ironically, we’re hardly connected with ourselves. So how can we even make meaningful deep connections with others when it is lacking from within or in other words, we can’t even connect with ourselves?

All I’m saying is, I’m on a mission. I’m on a task to draw a map that leads back to myself. That person inside who is confident and directed by her own faith, aspirations, dreams and is pure, I want to get back to. There are too many people in my head, and too many people and expectations that I have decided to live for and honor, completely neglecting the aspirations and expectations of my own self. I’m going back to the centre guys, and I really wouldn’t mind it if you took that journey with me.Listen out, be alert and follow your voice. You may be surprised where it leads you.



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