Come on UTech (Rant)


Photo of: Internet sensation ‘Rosie’ who rose to fame after her passionate rant regarding the loss of household items during a flood early 2013

It is way too early for me to be having such a huge pile of complaints concerning UTech but unfortunately, I do. I won’t outline every single one of them, because if I should, this post would have chapters, and in the words of Sweet Brown..’Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat’. So, I’ll just get a few things out there


I find that as an institution that prides itself on having ‘University’ status, it seems UTech is quite content with running at a mediocre level and at an annoyingly sluggish pace. I would like to think, that as a University too, (one of technology at that), that innovation and progress would be the order of the day, but boy am I off track in thinking that. There is literally no motivation or inspiration anywhere; neither in the students nor in the stuffy offices of each department. Everyone seems to be operating on auto-pilot and when it is time to get things done, instead of automatically kicking it up a notch, everyone shuts down. You seriously cannot want to gain notoriety for being one of the island’s most prominent tertiary institutions with that attitude floating around the school. And it bugs me how this school as the University of Technology cannot even arm itself with ‘good enough’ technology to even keep track of simple transactions and records. I mean, aren’t you supposed to be the birthplace of Jamaica’s new and forward thinking? Our technological and economical growth? Isn’t this where WE the student’s are supposed to be taught to effectively and efficiently handle the world ahead of us while thinking up new ways to make our surroundings even better for the future? And yet, you guys can’t even get your accounts department together. How ironic and sad. Disappointing for someone like myself who, despite being a bit of a pessimist, had higher expectations for the place. SIGH!!!

Answer The Damn Phone!

Is a lesson being taught here? Is the University trying to teach me some sort of massive life lesson? Because if so, then lesson learnt. Apparently, institutions with phones, don’t answer them when you call so, keep all queries and issues to yourself until you can take two buses and a taxi to speak to someone in person! No. I refuse to simply swallow that. It shouldn’t be and it is really embarrassing that this seems to be the case at my school. Why is it that when I am told to press a button to speak to someone directly, I have to wait until the return of Christ to be attended to? Does no one understand the reaction you should have to a ringing phone? I feel like every time I call everyone in the offices are sitting around chattering about some TV program and laughing at trivial matters rather than actually attending to me or..well.. just answering the damn phone. That’s all it takes..All you have to do.. is Answer the phone

Communication is Key.

I find that there are always discrepancies somewhere among the many memos sent out by the University. Especially in regards to dates and so on. Not only that, but where there isn’t mismatching information present, there is a huge lack of information, where it should be. What do I mean? I mean, the communication is ineffective and sloppy. Critical details for things are often missed out and we are often told beginning and end of things but never the middle. I’m just asking for clear, concise accurate  information regarding important matters such as fee payment, examination results, cards and times etc, to be available for students across the board. And for the love of me, if something is effective on the 5th of August, …don’t send out the memo at 12pm on the 4th of August.. it’s inconvenient, inconsiderate and downright silly.

And now… a disclaimer. 

I know my words may be biting, hard hitting and a little bitter to swallow. However, I only think it is fair that after paying such a high tuition and being only rewarded with stress, disappointments and frustration, that it is indeed my right to express my true feelings on the operation of this institution. Matter of fact, I’d like to imagine Rosie would say: ‘A nuh nuh tutty gran tuition. Call di contracta!’ Or in this case..’Call di Dean.’ ..If anyone will pick up.  Basically I’m saying that as a student, I do have a say in the way things are done, so… here it is. Let’s just hope things get better here, and progress is made. Since..that’s what I came for. Don’t let me down any more than you already have okay school? Okay.

Photo source:Rosie’s call di contracta floods out sumfest 2013. .27 July 2013.


2 thoughts on “Come on UTech (Rant)

  1. Lol very well put I 100% stand behind you and this rant for far too long we are placed under stress by this institution regarding exams,fees,etc they need to get their act together for such “prestigious ” institution.
    I love the expression : ” I have to wait until the return of Christ to be attended to?” so much truth !!!!

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