‘NCU Freezes Tuition Fees for Students in Upcoming School Year.’ -What About UTech?


Read article here: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/NCU-freezes-tuition-for-new-school-year_14856516#ixzz2bm2WsNUm

I..(and i do believe i speak for other students when I say this) would GREATLY appreciate if this was done on our behalf by UTech. I constantly question why we are always told that ‘education is the key’ and yet the price to even get an education is so ridiculously high. As an institution that boasts that it is ‘for the people’ It would only be doing a great job of actually living up to it’s own self proclaimed standards and motto, if it actually did something..’for the people’.

The cost of everything is already sky high, and right now, for a great majority of us, obtaining an education seems to be our only hope to even be able to acquire a job that would help us even live ‘hand to mouth’. So therefore, rather than constantly increase fees and dangle our education so hopelessly far above our heads every semester, freezing the tuition would be…a marvelously beneficial move, both to us as students, the institution itself and by extension in the long run, our entire economy.

      So can it be done? Perhaps it can. But for a move to be made, we need to take initiative. Here is where the voice of the student’s come into play. Let’s try and come together and make this happen. This >https://www.facebook.com/Utechstudentsunion/posts/535249436542132?comment_id=4669036&notif_t=like Is a link to the article, status and comments posted on the student Union’s page regarding the issue. If this is something you are passionate about as a student/past student of UTech. , or even as a Jamaican, voice your opinions and express your views here under the comments. Let’s get this Student Union working, and let’s get this thing on the road.


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