Literacy is Dead


Striking isn’t it? One might go as far as saying that the title of this post is rubbish. However when you consider the facts, you realize that the title of this post, is not far off from the truth. With the dawn of the internet came the birth of social media, connecting the world in ways one would never imagine possible. Facebook, is a prime example of how one could connect and keep up with family and friends from all over the world and instantly send and receive updates on each other. However, social media had it’s rules. Now in a world where one is expected to express themselves in 130 characters or less, it is only inevitable that common face to face interaction and conversations, will become strange. With things like Instagram and vine, words are quickly becoming outdated. With the constant updates in technology, the face of communication has shifted from letters, words, and numbers, to revealing pictures, likes and pokes. Unless in the next 10 years they will be teaching classes on how to effectively press the like button on a hot girl’s photo, and having lessons on how to ‘subtweet’ persons, we will no longer have a need for teaching our children how to break up words into syllables and structure paragraphs.


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