So No Hoodies Then…?

Tragic Florida teen Trayvon Martin I really did not intend to post anything concerning the Trayvon Martin case, however I read a recent article by a friend that prompted me to purge some feelings of my own regarding the matter. Truth be told, I am fuming. Fuming at the thought that this young man was hunted down and had his life taken from him, simply because he was black. Yes, because he was black. And had on a hoodie. And had a can of iced tea and a pack of candy in hand. At night. Walking. I’m listing all these things because the murderer (Zimmerman’s) defense is that, ‘he looked suspicious’  .  So then it begs the question, what exactly, is ‘suspicious?’ What looks ‘suspicious’ or what qualifies as something ‘suspicious’ ? Obviously,  a black person does. However, since  defense claims that that’s not the case, and that it was not in fact Zimmerman racially profiling Martin, then it must have been the hoodie. Right? WRONG.

Lets flip the script. Zimmerman is on neighborhood watch duty, and sees a little blond Caucasian girl, same age as Trayvon (17) in a black hoodie, with iced tea and skittles. Would Zimmerman had done the same? Would he have alighted from his car and hunt down the girl? Would he have started an altercation with her forcing her to defend herself? Well let’s see, Trayvon Martin looked suspicious so we have to break it down then what made him look like he posed a threat to the safety of the entire neighbourhood. iced tea? skittles? race? defense says no, so damn it it must be the hoodie! right?! right?! So i guess… Zimmerman should be sent back out on these streets to protect by eliminating all who have hoodies.


And that Florida ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ ? Can i point out how much it doesn’t make sense in the case of Zimmerman? He was not being pursued he was not being harmed or threatened. In fact, he was not even in the sights of Martin. He is the one who instead pursued Martin, provoked an altercation and all this with a weapon and after a the police dispatch operator specifically told him not to do so. IF ANYTHING..TRAYVON WAS THE ONE STANDING HIS GROUND. NOT ZIMMERMAN.

Bottom line is, Trayvon Martin was literally killed for walking while black. And this is the America they hail as land of the brave and home of the free. (or whichever combination it is they put it in). People, all I’m saying is, they could have kunta kente as president, racism is still very much alive and flowing through the veins of that nation, so all of you sweet Jamaicans who want to pack up and fly away, just beware that while you might find clothes a little cheaper and access to Hulu no hassle, prepare to be reintroduced to the pains of prejudice and ignorance at it’s finest, and whatever you do, don’t wear a hoodie at nights.



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