Beyonce Won The SuperBowl!

beyonce-superbowl-minx-nailsWell yes I know I’m late but forgive me. While the Superbowl was going on, I was digesting my dinner and blasting music in my ears as I chatted on Facebook and so.. I missed it. But with no fear.. I knew it would be up on youtube within minutes, But I didnt have the time. Busy all week like a bee, (queen B would be proud of me) :p . The point though, is just that i finally got the time to witness the amazing woman that is Beyonce in action. My goodness… How..what? How she is able to flash around like that and sing at the same time without losing her breath is beyond me. And I can’t even say how i felt when I saw Kelly literally pop up on that stage. Michelle though.. (sigh).Michelle needs to have a seat seriously. I love you girl but you were just not ready. You looked like a sad stunt double.  All that aside, Beyonce won and Kelly came Second, the commercials were third and nothing else really mattered. are fierce honey!


7 thoughts on “Beyonce Won The SuperBowl!

  1. So after seeing your post idecided to take a look to see what all the hubbub was about and honestly the highlight was when Kelly and Michel joined her on stage. She didn’t sing most of the time but danced to the soundtrack. I honestly don’t think that any halftime show will ever out do Madonna (that bitch was fierce). She kill it and someone is going to have to come good to beat her. BTW Destiny’s Child is getting back together…just saying

    • LISTEN TO MI MAN! don’t you dare deny the fierceness of Beyonce! It’s like blasphemy! As for six pack (AkA Madonna) (AkA Universal ab)…They are two different artistes and I won’t compare them. Both are excellent But jeez just admit the QUALITY of work that Ms Beyonce just served up. Did you see how she commanded the crowd? How she used her body to hypnotize the poor unsuspecting audience and then shocked them with a creamy and well put together come back with Ms Kelly and Stuntman#1 (Aka Michelle) ? Then dismissed the two and proceeded unto a well thought out and flashy ‘Dutty wine’ ? You sir! are the devil! If you don’t see that Beyonce ran that shit like Usain Bolt runs races!

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